Payments provides the user with three different methods of payment.

Credit card payment

It is possible to make the purchases using all Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.
The information related to the users’ credit card are sent via secure connection and encrypted code directly to Stripe’s website handling the transaction and will not be visible in any way to our staff. uses SSL certificate in order to ensure safety during the exchange of data with the user.

The first order of every new client must be verified with Stripe and the bank that emitted the credit card. This procedure, executed only for the first order by a new client, could cause some days of delivery delay, but ensures to both the customer and Glamest srl security of transaction.

PayPal payment

Choosing the PayPal payment method, the customer shall be able to pay directly through its personal verified PayPal account. Therefore, using PayPal, the user can pay its own orders without disclosing any personal financial data.
In case of payment through PayPal account, once confirmed the order, the user will be redirected to PayPal login page. At this point the user will be able to finalize the payment directly from its own PayPal account.

Bank Transfer

Choosing bank transfer payment, the customer will automatically receive a confirmation email containing our IBAN.

The customer is required to make the bank transfer within 48 hours and to send a copy of the payment via email.

Payment data:


Country: Italy


IBAN: IT72S0306949411100000012656


If Glamest Srl does not receive the payment on its own bank account within 72 hours the order will be canceled.

The order will be processed and shipped when the bank transfer has reached our bank account.